Kim and Dan – Story Of The Shot

We attended the rehearsal for Kim and Dan’s wedding as we usually do to check out the church and what photography we would be allowed to do during the service. An ‘old school’ vicar wouldn’t allow photography from the front (where I like to be) apart from the signing of the register. He did mention that immediately after signing, the couple would stand near the altar for the last hymn and I could take ‘a snap’ then.

This they did and I took a few shots as they started to sing. I turned my back to leave through the vestry and glanced back, a shaft of sunlight momentarily shone through one of the church windows lighting them and I couldn’t believe my luck. Exposing for the highlights allowed me to retain detail in the dress and faces which also resulted in a subdued background.

I didn’t realise that Janice had noticed this too from the back of the church. She didn’t have her long lens on, so directed Julian (our 3rd photographer who accompanies us to many weddings) to get the shot. He exposed for the highlights just as I did and created an almost identical image but from a completely different angle which also included the candle on the altar.

See the post below for more images from Kim and Dan’s wedding.

About Dave Jackson Photography

Lifelong photographer based in Dorset, specialising in Landscape and Wildlife Photography
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