A wedding at Highcliffe Castle & Careys Manor for Lisa and Paul, 5th October 2012.

Highcliffe Castle Wedding followed by a wedding reception at Careys Manor.

Lisa and Paul chose to have their wedding ceremony at Highcliffe Castle and then on to Careys Manor in the New Forest for their reception. We had all been glued to the weather forecasts in the lead up to the wedding as it wasn’t looking good. I remember being woken by the wind and rain in the early hours of the wedding day. You can organise and order almost everything for your wedding but unfortunately you can’t order good weather for your special day.

Lisa was preparing for the wedding at her Mum’s which is where we started the day. We found Jess from Model Makeovers and the hair stylist working their magic with the girls. Maria from Simply Flowers arrived with the bouquets which looked amazing as usual. The Rolls Royce from RR Elite  (highly recommended – fabulous cars and great service) pulled up outside and we left to meet Paul and his Best Man and Ushers over at Highcliffe Castle, it was great to see Alex from Wedding Memories who was capturing the days events on video. So far the weather had been kind and we had even got excited at the sight of a few rays of sunshine that faded in and out which seemed to be teasing us.

Lisa arrived just behind the bridesmaids, she looked stunning in her beautiful wedding dress from Mojgan. The guests eagerly awaited her grand entrance and as the harpist played Lisa made her way towards Paul for the ceremony that would make them Husband and Wife.

The clouds by now were threatening rain as we were leaving the ceremony so with everyone’s co-operation we managed to do an overhead shot of all the guests really quickly followed by a few family photographs. Lisa and Paul had really wanted to go to the beach so we made a quick decision to chance it, they were so happy that they made it down to the beach. On the way back we stopped at the North door so that they had some photographs at the castle before we made our way through the forest to Careys Manor. We arrived ahead of the Bride and Groom and as we waited it started to rain, but by now it really didn’t matter.

The speeches were before the meal, which the speakers always like so that they can enjoy their meal. While the room was prepared for the evening we had time for a few photos around the hotel’s grand staircase before heading back to the reception room for the couple’s first dance.

We wish Lisa and Paul all the very best for their future together. We are busy preparing their images from the day so while we are doing this we hope you enjoy these few images.

All of the photos from the day will be available to view online as soon as we have finished editing and Lisa and Paul have had first look. If you visit the client area on our website, click on Lisa and Paul’s album, enter the password provided you can leave your email address and we will notify you when the images are available to view

In the meantime please leave any comments or words of congratulations for the couple by clicking on ‘leave a comment’ after the last image.

If you are having your Wedding in Dorset maybe at Highcliffe Castle or Careys Manor Hotel in the New Forest, Hampshire and need a wedding Photographer please get in touch soon, our diary for next year is filling up fast.

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