One Camera One Lens – London with the Fuji x100 and Nikon D7000 +35mm DX F1.8 Nikkor

We always attend the SWPP convention in London every January and usually travel up a couple of days before to spend a little time in the capital. I usually take the DSLR and a range of lenses but this time I took the Fuji x100. With it’s fast, fixed lens and amazing picture quality I was looking forward to travelling light around the city. In a similar vein, Janice chose to take one of the D7000’s with just the very fast 35mm F1.8 DX Nikkor.

We arrived late afternoon and after booking in at London Waterloo Travelodge, we set off across the river. It was dusk, with still some light in the sky and first stop was the South Bank for some famous landmark reflection and night shots.
2 images with the Fuji…………….

London 1

London 2

and one from Janice………….


London 3

By now it was almost dark and the rush hour had started. A man grabbing a coffee and cigarette whilst using his phone made a great candid subject – the Fuji can operate in ‘silent mode’ so he was totally unaware I took some photos.
London 4

We took the subway under Westminster Bridge and I was presented with Big Ben framed in the exit. I had to wait for ‘the moment’ when no-one else was walking through……….

London 9

After crossing the bridge I was drawn to the shadows of people on the pavement. I took quite a few, and I think this one works best. Some careful post processing created a ‘film noir’ mysterious look – one of my favourite images from the trip………..

London 5

From here a walk along Whitehall and decided to capture the rush hour and different modes of transport. Using a slow shutter speed and panning techniques I successfully caught the pace of it all………… London 8

 London 6

London 7

We have always wanted to visit Greenwich on previous trips but never seemed to manage it. This time we made the effort. We spent most of the time at the Old Royal Naval College. I spent some time in the grounds especially the pillar lined walkways…………
London 10

and Janice loved the Painted Hall……….
London 11

so ‘One Camera, One Lens’ worked great for us!

About Dave Jackson Photography

Lifelong photographer based in Dorset, specialising in Landscape and Wildlife Photography
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