Dartmoor in February

Managed to spend a day on Dartmoor and visit an area we’ve not been to before. Driving  north from Tavistock, turned off the main road to Yelverton and headed towards Sheepstor and the Burrator Reservoir. The view across the valley towards Sheepstor was spectacular and although the weather was closing in, there was still some nice lighting from the partially obscured sun.
Towards Sheepstor

The road turned on a hairpin and we ended up in the village. I was by now making a mental note to return here when we had more time. A month or so should be just about right.
The road ran along the reservoir just after leaving the village but it was obscured by trees. After a few hundred yards we found ourselves on the dam and a parking area was just over the other side.
The view of the reservoir with the approaching rain cloudes was fabulous!

Burrator Reservoir 1

Burrator Reservoir

Burrator Reservoir 4

Burrator Reservoir 2

Planning a trip back very soon!

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Bournemouth Photographer specialising in Weddings
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