Oliver ‘Milestones’

We ended 2011 with one of our favourite weddings – Kim and Dan at Exbury Church and The Beaulieu Road Hotel. They are a lovely couple and wanted to make the most of the photography on the day. The weather was bright and mild and to cap it all Dan is an avid Chelsea supporter so we got on great!

The day also provided one of our favourite wedding images as a pool of light was cast on them during a hymn.

So, we were absolutely delighted when we heard they were expecting their first child and wanted us to capture the first year with our ‘Bump to Birthday – Milestones’ package. 

Baby was due on Boxing Day so we did the ‘bump’ shoot early December and waited eagerly through Xmas for news of the arrival.

Oliver decided to be a little late and was born on 6th January. We normally like to shoot newborns within a week to 10 days but a spell of bad weather and winter ills meant it was 23 January before we could arrange the shoot.

Oliver behaved impeccably, in fact I don’t think he cried at all during our time with him!

Dan was unable to be at the Oliver’s newborn shoot due to work comittments, so as we normally like to include both the proud parents we arranged to re-visit as soon as possible afterwards.

It was great to see Oliver again so soon and photograph all three of them together.



At one point Oliver was sat on Dan’s knee wide awake and very alert. He was lit by the soft light of the window, and I quickly changed lenses to capture the moment


We finished the session with Kim and Dan having their own moments with Oliver – always very special images. Next time we see Oliver he will be sitting up – can’t wait!


About Dave Jackson Photography

Lifelong photographer based in Dorset, specialising in Landscape and Wildlife Photography
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