Katie and Graham’s Wedding Vintage Re-mix!

Guildhall Poole & Upton House Vintage Wedding Photography

Our policy has always been to use ‘digital effects’ sparingly throughout our work, using them to enhance not overpower an image. We see so many images with excessive proceesing, particularly using image editing presets which apply a certain look at the click of a mouse, regardless of whether it suits the image / subject / composition or not. Our most commonly used techniques during our everyday work are black and white / sepia conversions and some ‘skin softening / blemish removal particularly with close up portraits of our Brides and Grooms.

Whilst processing the images from Katie and Graham’s wedding for our blog I was keen to see how they would look with a ‘vintage’ feel as I knew how much effort Katie had put in to achieve this look. Both locations (Poole Guildhall and Upton House) the transport and Katie’s dress, veil and shoes all suited the effect I felt I could produce.

I used a combination of Lightroom and Photoshop to ‘age’ the images. Rather than convert all the images to sepia, I chose a ‘faded’ colour style which I think complimented them perfectly. By reducing the saturation and contrast and introducing a colour cast evocotive of a bygone era, the effect was complete.

The individual images are available to view at:

Katie and Graham’s Wedding Galleries

If you are planning a ‘vintage’ themed wedding, feel free to contact us to discuss how we can use our expertise to photograph and edit your wedding to this or any other style you may require.

vintage wedding photographer poole bournemouth dorset

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