Going back to my roots, cont.

So the camera and film arrived. I was amazed at the condition, I think it was better than described as EXC++, and have no doubt I could get my money back (and possibly a bit more) by reselling on Ebay. From a collectors point of view, there would be some issues-no instruction manual, these are readily available in electronic form on the web, the standard K focussing screen has been changed to an E, no original strap or box and some coating on the mirror has worn off at the very edges. None of the above affects the operation of the camera which was my main reason for buying.

It only took a few minutes to familiarise myself with the basics and fire off a few test shots at various shutter speeds with no film loaded to check operation. Must be my age, but I’ve never felt particularly nostalgic so far as cameras are concerned, always more interested in the latest equipment, but holding this camera felt good! I never owned one, but can see why they were so popular.

The three lenses I planned to use initially all fitted firmly and tight with no play – always a good sign. These are three ‘fast prime’ lenses, all of which I use in our day to day pro work:
35mm F2 D AF
50mm F1.8 D AF
85mm F1.8 D AF

I actually use a 50mm F1.4 G AF-S more than the 50mm F1.8 D but G lenses won’t work on older bodies as there is no aperture ring.

I have loaded the Delta 100 first. Never having used either of these films, I had no idea of their characteristics eg.grain, contrast handling etc. so thought I would try the slowest as a benchmark.

Our neighbour’s recently aquired two cats and they have both now ‘made friends’ with us, visiting on a daily basis for a stroke, although suspect it’s more likely to see if there is anything to eat! These were the first subjects I tried, using the 85mm at F2.8 and quite slow shutter speeds of 1/30th and 1/15th. No VR on these lenses so it will be interesting to see if there is any sign of camera shake. Next was the final day of our hols, so a few beach shots with an imposing, stormy sky – an ideal monochrome subject. I’m making notes on camera settings as there will be no metadata / exif info to view.

Not sure if I will have any time tomorrow to shoot as we have a wedding on Saturday to prepare for. Hoping I may find time to take a few shots at the wedding. I have taken 21 frames, so 15 more to go, can I resist taking the film in for processing before all frames are used? We’ll see!

About Dave Jackson Photography

Lifelong photographer based in Dorset, specialising in Landscape and Wildlife Photography
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