Going back to my roots, results!

Well for various reasons this has taken much longer than I initially envisaged. This sparked a collecting bug and I have obtained some more Nikon film cameras since my first purchase of the FE2. I obtained an F75 and took that loaded with some Ilford Pan F (50 ISO) to the Great Dorset Steam Fair. I shot the whole roll on that day and it was processed before the Delta 100 in the FE2. More of the F75 / GDSF shoot later!

So, back to the FE2. It was a pleasure to use. The most noticeable things were looking at the back of the camera after taking a shot – a real conscious effort has to be made not to do that! Pressing the shutter release lightly expecting the lens to focus, and not winding the film on ready for the next exposure.

The Ilford Delta 100 film was processed and scanned to 18mb TIFFS by Jonathan at Snaps Photo Services Ltd in Bournemouth, who I cannot recommend highly enough. I have posted some examples below. The left hand image is the unedited scan and the right hand image has been edited in Lightroom / Photoshop.

As previously mentioned, the first few shots were taken of our neighbour’s cat on one of his regular visits.

Blog Collage-1380902257924

Lens: Nikkor 85mm F1.8 AFD. Just a little cropping and ‘burning in’ of Ben’s fur.

Blog Collage-1380902431673

Lens: Nikkor 35mm F2 AFD. Straightened the horizon slightly and increased the contrast a little. An ND  graduated filter was used at the time of shooting to retain detail in the sky.

Blog Collage-1380902518939Lens: Nikkor 35mm F2 AFD. Increased the contrast a little, and some ‘burning in’ on the right hand side and sky.

Blog Collage-1380902600980

Lens: Nikkor 35mm F2 AFD. A visit to Church ‘Ope Cove on Portland provided the chance to finally finish the film. The piece of ironwork was a bright rusty colour so I felt a sepia treatment would enhance the feeling of age.

So, the first results from the Nikon FE2. I was amazed at how little editing was needed and now plan to get some printed – directly from the negative and also from the edited scans.

Coming next……………..Great Dorset Steam Fair Shoot – Nikon F75 / Ilford Pan F and some Fuji Superia 400 colour film shot on a Nikon F60.

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