Sebastian – Milestones ‘Newborn’

So Sebastian Alexander (great names!) was born on Christmas Day – what a lovely present!

We arranged the newborn shoot for 4th January, exactly 10 days after he was born which is just about perfect for the type of shots that are so popular at the moment with many of them taken whilst asleep.

We allow as much time as necessary for our newborn shoots with 4 – 5 hours not unusual! We arrived at 11am, setting up whilst Sebastian was having his feed. He was so contented he soon fell fast asleep and we were able to get lots of shots ‘in the bag’.

Both Emma and Paul were so relaxed during the whole time we were with them and we think this rubbed off on Sebastian, he only cried once during the time we were there – and that was when he was having his nappy changed!

As I’m sure you can imagine some of the shots had a Christmas Theme – loved Sebastian’s Christmas Pudding Hat!
Below are a few of the shots we took.

Blog Collage-1389112268505

About Dave Jackson Photography

Lifelong photographer based in Dorset, specialising in Landscape and Wildlife Photography
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