Film Photography – Nikon F60 and Fuji Superia 400

I acquired the F60 for 99p on ebay. It is a ‘champagne’ colour rather than silver, has smooth lines and is quite a pleasure to hold. There are the normal A, S and P automatic modes, full manual, plus an Auto everything and the usual daft ‘scene’ modes. So for example if you are photographing Usain Bolt at the Olympics, then you turn the dial to the running man icon……mmmmmm!

The F60 is an auto focus camera and works with AF-D lenses but won’t work with AF-S lenses. It was also produced in black and a black ‘date’ version which prints the time / date on the negative (in the picture area).

bournemouth professional nikon photographer

After a quick close up of a particularly striking orchid in flower at home and some nicely lit grasses in the garden, I attached the 35mm F2 AF-D and took a stroll around Poole Park on a sunny autumn day.

The film was developed and scanned by Jonathan at Snaps Photo Services, and after a little ‘tweaking’ in photoshop – mainly a slight boost to colour saturation the end results are shown below. The grain is hardly noticeable, colour rendition accurate and all round a very good general purpose film.

Blog Collage-1390432688629

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