Film Photography – Nikon FM and Ilford Delta 400

Soon after obtaining the Nikon FE2, I just had to have one of the most iconic Nikon cameras of the 70’s – the FM. This is a completely manual camera although it does contain a centre weighted TTL meter. Inside the viewfinder on the right, there are 3 red LED’s which light up indicating exposure obtained. If the centre one is lit then exposure is ‘correct’, if both centre and top are lit then exposure is between +1 and +2 stops over. If only the top lights up then exposure will be more than +2 stops over. The same applies for the bottom LED but for underexposure.

This is such a simple system, but constantly makes you think about exposure for the subject – is it correct.

I managed to obtain the camera below from ebay for much less than expected. It is in very good condition, and works perfectly. It is a pure joy to use, and really makes you feel part of the process, slowing you up a little. The lens shown is the Nikon Series E 36mm – 72mm. These lenses were produced by Nikon in the mid 70’s as a budget ‘entry level’ lens. Still with Nikon quality and all metal construction producing very acceptable images.

Blog Collage-1392411242617

I have to say I had forgotten what I had taken with this camera, and after looking at the images processed and scanned by Snaps Photo Services, the first images I saw were taken last September at Church ‘Ope Cove on Portland on the day Janice broke her wrist!

I also took a few during one of our model shoots, and then finished the film in Corfe searching out subjects which would work particularly well in monochrome. Once again apart from a little contrast boost in a combination of Lightroom and Nik Software, the images below are as shot.

Blog Collage-1392411398344

Coming next the Nikon F601 trio…………………..

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