Film Photography – Nikon F601 and Fuji Superia 400

I remember a time when the F601 was my dream camera. Not sure why, I didn’t go the autofocus route for some time after it started to become the norm, so maybe it was this that attracted me. It was released in 1990, following hot on the heels of the F401 and F801.

There were three models – F601, F601QD (date imprinting function) and F601M (manual focus only, no pop up flash). The trio are pictured below, all models can be obtained for between approx. £10 – £25 on ebay, depending on condition. The 601M and 601QD are not as common as the standard 601.

All three suffered from a common fault – the catch on the film door is made of plastic and breaks quite easily. The 601M that I got had this very problem so it was cheap – 99p! There is a replacement metal catch available from the USA but costs about £5 and needs DIY fitting. It proved much easier to buy another 601M £4.99 that had a very tatty overall condition but the film door was ok. It was very easy to swap them over, so for very little cost I have a good condition 601M.

Blog Collage-1392412138498

The images below were shot on the standard F601, with a 35 – 70 F3.3-4.5 AF Nikkor. The camera handles well and has a nice solid feel. Once again after processing by Snaps Photo Services the film revealed 25 perfectly exposed and sharp images. Even with a couple of tricky lighting situations – subway and waterfall, it really is difficult to go wrong with these cameras!

Also note the vertical lines of the subway tiles – virtually no lens distortion!

Blog Collage-1393523773009

coming next, Nikon F55 and Nikkormat EL………………….


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