One camera, one lens, one hour!

So the challenge was to use just one camera with one lens and take just one hour to create some images. I headed for Bournemouth town centre and arrived just after 7. I had parked by the town hall and had no idea what I would find to shoot at that time of the morning. I had intended to shoot only black and white but that did change as the shoot progressed. First stop was the square and some street photography of people on their way to work. Next stop, Westover Road with a bus driver reading the morning paper whilst waiting for the time to leave. As I approached the seafront dawn was breaking with fantastic light on the horizon. That’s where I just had to shoot colour. There were some surfers in the water making use of the brisk easterly wind and I managed to ask one of them to ‘pose’ as he was leaving.
Finally walking back through the lower gardens, the local squirrels were happy to perform and pose for the camera!

Camera used was the iconic Fuji Xpro1 with the Fujinon XF 27mm F2.8


About Dave Jackson Photography

Lifelong photographer based in Dorset, specialising in Landscape and Wildlife Photography
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